About us

Know-how and quality

A no-dig solution from IK-TRADING is a 100% Danish product, made from only the best quality materials. The entire product is based on years of international experience and know-how from the industry.

Each item is produced using advanced equipment, and IK-TRADING personnel are certified welders for MIG, MAG and TIG. Our machine operators are highly skilled with specialist expertise.

In addition to mobile solutions, IK-TRADING also working with a wide range of traditional metalworking jobs.

A strong, family-owned business

IK-TRADING was founded in 1999 by Jørgen Kristensen - a trained agricultural and constructional metalworker. 

Before starting IK-TRADING, he was employed by the biggest contracting group in Denmark, Per Aarsleff, on such projects as sewer renovation.

Recognising the need for compact mobile units for no-dig renovation projects, he designed and built his first prototype in 2000. 

His son Thomas - also a trained metalworker - joined the company in 2004  The core team is supplemented by quality-conscious specialist subcontractors when required.

Today Thomas is the owner of IK-TRADING.

Process Management in focus

IK-TRADING maintains focus throughout the process on the customer's investment, and our products can be delivered as CE-certified if required.

We kick-off with a no-obligations meeting at which we listen to your ideas, expectations and requirements, we can then apply our experience and know-how. And then move on to produce a requirement specification, and draft the project plan.

IK-TRADING takes care of the entire process from start to finish

We use the requirement specification to produce the first set of drawings. We then consult with the client on customisation, budget, payment and delivery terms and training requirements.

Finally, we sign a production contract, after which design and production work can commence.

After delivery, we are present in the start-up phase in accordance with the training agreement to ensure smooth start-up and learning curve.